How to make yourself pee: 9 remedies and techniques - Gotta pee test

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Welcome to this test. I'm really bored, so I'm making this. And I have to pee. So let's see who can last longer, I'll keep making questions until I have to go, k? This quiz will determine the exact percentage full your bladder is. Through tests, basic knowledge, and scientific fact, we' ll find out how badly YOU have to pee.

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By Shacage - 11:41
If you're age 13 to 15, female, and currently struggling to hold your wee, look no further. This test will determine how badly you have to wee.
By Goltill - 06:51
This test will possibly make you pee your pants! Nothing happened, but now I have to pee a little bit more. I feel like I was going to pee but didn't. I felt like.
By Yozshurisar - 17:56
How bad do you have to go. I don't. I could pee if I wanted. I really need to go. Full on potty dance. A small puddle is forming. 2. When was.
By Vulabar - 06:04
Go in the bathroom and sit on the toilet with all your clothes on. What happened? A. Nothing, but now I kinda need to go. B. I peed:(C.
By Jutilar - 12:09
Instead, the body will naturally tell a person when they need to pee. . A person having difficulty urinating on demand for a urine test probably.

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